LINE-UP Antwerpen Lacht

La Hager is an Egyptian born stand-up comedian. After an entirely non lucrative career trying to save the world, she’s now going for public self-flagellation through comedy. Which is in itself a kind of humanitarian relief. Her credits include opening and closing shows for guys who have opened shows for other guys who once started out opening and closing shows for some more guys. She’s gigged, MC-ed, roast battled & improv’d in Holland, Japan, the US and in her car.

Over Antwerpen Lacht:
Een maandelijks concept in de kleine zaal van Arenberg dat bestaat uit gevestigde namen en aanstormend talent, die nieuwe grappen komen vertellen en uitproberen. Deze keer met Daveson Ignatia (MC), WestSaid, Wim Janssens, La Hager en Nira Tal.

Arenberg: De Kleine // Friday // 20:30-21:30


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